It’s Happening!


Hey Y’all! I’m Finn!

Welcome to my new corner of the internet! I’ve wanted to create this site for years, but the fact I’m illiterate and don’t have thumbs has made writing and formatting very difficult.

Thankfully, web design technology has greatly improved, so here we are.

About me: I’ve been living in Washington, DC for about 4 years. It’s been loads of fun and I’ve met some great humans, sniffed so many dogs, saw lots of rats and squirrels, peed on new things …

… but I’ve decided it’s time to go home to Canada. I really miss the chill vibe of BC, and let’s face it: my fur isn’t as fluffy as it used to be. It could really use the fresh sea air.

Bonus: I won’t be walking back to Vancouver – I’ll be chauffeured across America in the comfort of my custom bed in the back of my owners’ Prius, where I can take in the stunning views from the back window.

So, between naps and snacks, I’ll be posting lots of photos of cool things I’ll see and do on this adventure. Check back often!

Hitting the Road!

Look at our ambitious itinerary: We’ll drive through more than a dozen States! Stop in at least 20 cities! I’ll feel the breeze in my fur as we drive through the Plains and the Desert! I’ll dip my paws in the Atlantic, the Gulf, and the Pacific! It should take about a month or so before we reach my overpriced dog house in Vancouver.

I’ll have my laptop with me so feel free to connect:

I could use suggestions for my Spotify playlist.

Before I forget: Don’t judge me if I don’t respond quickly, or there are typos and/or spelling errors. I’m a dog.

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man …

My rock star lifestyle has taken me to so many parts of America already: From the bright lights of New York, to the rolling hills of Kentucky, and hundreds of places nationwide.

But it’s time to get back on the road and start a new life chapter – I’m thinking of marking the change with a trendy new haircut and ending my vegan diet. I’ve been craving a steak so bad.

No promises. But we’ll see how I feel when I’m back on the West Coast.