Cape Fear, NC!

Back in the 90’s I snuck into a movie theatre to watch “Cape Fear” – a psychological thriller about a criminal seeking vengeance against the prosecutor who convicted him. It was a bold remake of a 60’s classic set in this idyllic seaside town. Great show. Great cast. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

The upside: Loved the flick. Solid acting. Should’ve won an Oscar.

The downside: The paparazzi hounded me for months, confusing me with lead actor Nick Nolte after his infamous mugshot.

I get it — our hairstyles were similar — and it was the 90’s: Style was interpretive, knotty fur was in, collars were cool, Grunge was hip.

But I’m an Irish Terrier, and he’s human and Scottish-American. Big difference.

Even though we’re different species, our identical looks got me into some legendary after-hours parties … life was a blurry ragefest of pets, scratches, and groggy milkbones on Martin Scorsese’s yacht. The 90’s were epic. Thanks, Nick.

But true confession: The sad reality is I’ve avoided Cape Fear ever since. (Insert sad music).

Thankfully, I’ve matured a lot since then and the serenity of this beautiful beach town has become a vegan version of chicken soup for my soul.

I’m proud to say nearly 3 decades later, I’ve confronted my past. And as you can see, I have no fear in Cape Fear. Onward!

One thought on “Cape Fear, NC!

  1. Hey Finn!

    You have much better hair than Nick Nolte and you’re a hundred per cent better looking!!!

    Just saying!

    Epic picture of you at Cape Fear!

    I’m glad your hooman is confronting his negative emotions!

    Safe travels!

    Maya, Misha and Osman (Calgary AB)


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