I Get Fan Mail!

Just checked my inbox and received this thoughtful message. She’s definitely cute and I could totally chase squirrels with her, but I’m not into long distance relationships. So I’ll keep her in the friendzone.

“Hi Finn,
My name’s Pippa and I’m looking for a doggo friend – I’m a pandemic puppy and don’t have many, you see. My mom says she knows your dad! Anyway, I have some pretty cool toys we can play with if you get super lost and find yourself in Ottawa during your road trip. I also have a hidden stash of really yummy duck treats I can share with you if you want. We don’t have to tell your vegan dad.
OK, I gotta go widdle now so I’m gonna go. Catch ya later, Finn!
Your new friend,
– Pipparoni (Pippa for short)


Nice to virtually meet you, Pippa! Hopefully we’ll cross paths in a dog park someday!

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