Grand Canyon, AZ!

Can we discuss how spectacular the Grand Canyon is? I had no idea.

I blame it on my old college roommate, Smokey. Sure, he’ll talk your ear off about how to prevent forest fires, but he never *once* mentioned how stunning it is here!

I’m guessing thousands of years ago, this place was a giant water dish, but I guess we’ll never know.

But if you do, email me!

That night, Smokey and I went to a nearby bar and he introduced me to a really cute Golden Retriever. I won’t share details, but I reminded Smokes — if the “Yurt is-a-Rockin’, Don’t Come-a-Knockin!”

Unfortunately, he did this morning — knocking away and snapping this photo.

Not cool, Smokes, but I forgive you. Great times. See you soon, old friend!

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