Inbox: New Fan Mail!

Before leaving Sunny California I checked my email and came across this interesting proposition from a fan named Reilly. How nice! As in, Ted Lasso nice.

I haven’t met Reilly, but his profile pic screams confidence and he clearly takes good care of his fur. I also respect that he warned me of dangers ahead, yet tempted me with food and companionship. Bravo, Reilly. Well done.

It’s such a refreshing change from the mountain of marriage proposals, time-share pitches, and Nigerian princes asking for banking help. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, my dudes: Be careful out there.

Reilly, I hope we hang out at a dog park one day and wag tails together.! You seem cool and I’m flattered that you’re planning a parade when I cross the border!

“Finnegan, Be careful, you’re going north and I have to say, its getting cooler. Also, there are raccoons in Oregon. Lots of ‘em. Oh, wow. When I think of it, BEARS too. If you want to quit and come join me on my little pillow here in Ontario, I’ll make room. We have greenies. Not sure if they are vegan. I am enjoying reading about your journey though. What an adventure. Is Ian an OK traveller or does he make you check out how many people are in every spot you go, and make sure you know where the bathrooms and exits are? Hope he’s not being too demanding. Its worth it though right? I know when you make that entrance to Canada there will be cheers and maybe a parade.”

Safe travels, Reilly
‘Sup, Reilly!

I enjoy hearing from my fans! Email me along with your profile pic! I usually swipe right, so you never know!

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