Seattle, WA!

Can you believe this is my *last* stop on my Great American Road Trip? Neither can I.

So what better way to celebrate this milestone than cranking up the Nirvana and styling my fur to match Seattle’s famous 90’s Grunge Look at the Pike Place Market!

I’m still adjusting to my new celebrity status thanks to this website and always try to play it cool when I get recognized.

But honestly, man, this Brass Pig wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept preaching about the dangers of eating pork products. I get it. I’m vegan. I know.

I felt bad ignoring him, because the look on his face showed disappointment. Cold move, but I’m okay with it.

Later, a stranger in this white van promised free candy! I thought about it for a few minutes but decided I should really get back on the road. You’re an eclectic town, Seattle.

My next dispatch will be from the Great White North! Wish me luck crossing the border! Also, I deny allegations I’m bringing crates of Milk Bones that aren’t approved by Health Canada …

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