USA-Canada Border!

Soooo close to the finish line! I can see it!

In fact, here it is: I’m at the “Peace Arch” Border Crossing, separating Washington State and British Columbia.

Unfortunately, the Border Agents pulled my dad over and are questioning him in a separate room. So embarrassing.

And since I’m not allowed to accompany him, I’m responding to some fan mail to pass the time.

Here’s one from my former bro, Pedro, who is sharing some family news!

“Dear Finn,Welcome back to the left coast. The politics here are quite “interesting,” but the mountains and the ocean are the best anywhere. I am looking forward to getting together for some great walks. We can sniff some butts at Spanish Banks, or chase birds at Cleveland dam. I will show you the hotspots with my little adoptive brother, Henry. Don’t let his looks fool you, we call him “The Stink” for a reason. He’s ok though”

See you soon. Pedro 

And this just in from Henry!

“Dear Finn,

I understand that Pedro already welcomed you back. Don’t worry, I don’t smell THAT bad, especially since I stopped chasing skunks. Looking forward to hanging out. Maybe we can go to the beach at Whistler. I don’t really swim, but I like the walks there. PS. Don’t give Pedro too many snacks. He is sneaky.”

See you soon, Henry “The Stink”

Clean yourself up, Henry, and then come hang with Pedro and I once I’m settled in Vancouver!

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