Vancouver, BC: Mission Completed!

Home. Sweet. Home. I’m thrilled to be back in Canada after my epic road trip.

Lots to unpack: Literally and figuratively!

First, some raw numbers: This was an incredible journey!

  • We drove 5,698 miles (9,170 kilometres)!
  • Visited 20 cities + the Grand Canyon (21 properties)!
  • Travelled 15 States in 4 weeks!
  • 21 fuel stops:
  • Lowest gas price: Baytown, Texas – $2.76/gallon.
  • Highest gas price: Eureka, California – $4.99/gallon.
  • People and dogs met: hundreds and hundreds!
  • Memories: Countless!

My next adventure is to discover my new neighborhood in Vancouver. This place feels a bit granola, but since I’m vegan I can handle it. And who can’t admire this view from Stanley Park?

Anyway, this is probably my last post. I hope you enjoyed reading my updates as much as I enjoyed sharing my travels with you!

Let’s stay in touch, ok? I’d love to get your feedback and/or advice for my next road trip!

In the meantime, I’m going to see what else is out there.

Signing off, for now. Peace out my dudes!

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