Charleston, SC!

Woof, I love Charleston so much! In fact, it’s where my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddoggo invented a new dance in the 1920s that sparked a nationwide trend! He named it after this beautiful, historic city: “The Charleston”.

When I was a pup, he would gather us around his water dish, turn on the record player, and show us the dance moves that made him famous. He would spin around, wag his tail, and end each song with his classic jazz-paws for a dramatic finish. *Chefs Kiss*

This is the house he grew up in:

Afterwards, I went for some Mint Julips. I think I had a few too many, based on this photo:

Yeah, I sure did. Went back to the hotel, ordered room service, and passed out like the rock star I am. Talk tomorrow, my dudes

I Get Fan Mail!

Just checked my inbox and received this thoughtful message. She’s definitely cute and I could totally chase squirrels with her, but I’m not into long distance relationships. So I’ll keep her in the friendzone.

“Hi Finn,
My name’s Pippa and I’m looking for a doggo friend – I’m a pandemic puppy and don’t have many, you see. My mom says she knows your dad! Anyway, I have some pretty cool toys we can play with if you get super lost and find yourself in Ottawa during your road trip. I also have a hidden stash of really yummy duck treats I can share with you if you want. We don’t have to tell your vegan dad.
OK, I gotta go widdle now so I’m gonna go. Catch ya later, Finn!
Your new friend,
– Pipparoni (Pippa for short)


Nice to virtually meet you, Pippa! Hopefully we’ll cross paths in a dog park someday!

Cape Fear, NC!

Back in the 90’s I snuck into a movie theatre to watch “Cape Fear” – a psychological thriller about a criminal seeking vengeance against the prosecutor who convicted him. It was a bold remake of a 60’s classic set in this idyllic seaside town. Great show. Great cast. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

The upside: Loved the flick. Solid acting. Should’ve won an Oscar.

The downside: The paparazzi hounded me for months, confusing me with lead actor Nick Nolte after his infamous mugshot.

I get it — our hairstyles were similar — and it was the 90’s: Style was interpretive, knotty fur was in, collars were cool, Grunge was hip.

But I’m an Irish Terrier, and he’s human and Scottish-American. Big difference.

Even though we’re different species, our identical looks got me into some legendary after-hours parties … life was a blurry ragefest of pets, scratches, and groggy milkbones on Martin Scorsese’s yacht. The 90’s were epic. Thanks, Nick.

But true confession: The sad reality is I’ve avoided Cape Fear ever since. (Insert sad music).

Thankfully, I’ve matured a lot since then and the serenity of this beautiful beach town has become a vegan version of chicken soup for my soul.

I’m proud to say nearly 3 decades later, I’ve confronted my past. And as you can see, I have no fear in Cape Fear. Onward!

Outer Banks, NC!

True Story: When I was a young pup, I dreamed of being a pilot when I wasn’t dreaming of chasing squirrels. I’m too old to join the Air Force now (and I’m also color blind – apparently pilots can only live in a technicolor world) but my love of aviation and history intersected in Kitty Hawk, NC. Can’t believe this is where it all started.

Also, Blackbeard. Geez.

And I was so excited to dip my paws into the Atlantic Ocean! Looking forward to Florida Panhandle next!

Williamsburg, VA!

It’s only fitting my first stop on my road trip is one of the first settlements in America: “Williamsburg was founded as the capital of the Virginia Colony in 1699. The original capital, Jamestown was the first permanent English-speaking settlement in the New World founded in 1607”.

I’ve asked Wikipedia to update that I arrived here 414 years later. This is a really cool, historic town. Pocahontas lived here. Local wine is impressive. I’d definitely recommend. 14/10.