Biloxi, MS!

You probably don’t think of “beaches” when you think of Mississippi, but this coastal State has some nice ones.

That’s why I’m glad I stopped here, because one of my goals on this epic road trip is to achieve a paw-dipping trifecta: Hit the serene waters in the Atlantic, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific Ocean.

I’m thrilled that today — just outside of Biloxi, I reached 2/3. Gulf Coast, baby!

Last week, I was was partying in the Outer Banks!. Today, I’m hitting the casinos in Biloxi and enjoying #beachlife in the Gulf! I can’t wait to get to Sunny California to experience the Pacific, which should be in about three weeks!

Obviously these are not Hawaii-style beaches, but would you complain?

As a vegan, options are very limited. But on the bright side, you can’t go wrong with shrimp and/or tacos + beer.

One quick night of rest and relaxation here before reuniting with my band in Louisiana tomorrow. Buckle up, folks: It’s gonna be a wild night!