Santa Fe, NM!

Just rolled into New Mexico and I’m not sure if it’s the fresh air, the Pueblo style architecture, or the general vibe here — but this State made me realize how lucky I am to be so healthy, have shiny cool fur … and not a Blue Donkey.

Seriously, I kept telling this stupid donkey those birds are not his friends – they’re freeloaders! It’s so obvious:

Seeing the injustice I addressed the State Legislature and tabled a petition:

I soon discovered that wasn’t the only injustice — after nearly 2 weeks of sun, sand, and surf — I’m now adjusting to snow! Outdoor hikes are chilly here and there’s no swim up bar to be found.

Truth be told, it’s a bit too traumatic. So I’m packing it in early and planning ahead for some California Dreamin’ in the coming weeks. #SelfCare

Peace out, my dudes

Oklahoma City, OK!

Ohhhhhhh what a beauuuuuutiful moooooorning! Seriously, it is.

I love visiting the State where my favorite Musical is based. It has a great, folksy vibe!

I was so inspired by the lyrics – “Oooooooklahoma … where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain” – I couldn’t help but give it it a go … and ran like the wind!

I’m so proud of the above photograph, I put it in the city’s time capsule.

Can’t wait to return here a few decades from now.

Galveston, TX!

Everything is truly bigger in Texas – including its magnificent sunrises!

This morning, I did some yoga (fun fact: I invented the Downward Dog) … and … wow. Check out this stunning view on Galveston Island. If only dogs weren’t color blind.

Galveston is a nice spot but the water is choppy, and it’s really windy this time of year.

It’s too bad, because I brought my surfboard and wanted to ride some waves! But there were actual Red Flags everywhere.

True confession: I briefly thought of ignoring the warnings and hitting the water anyway, but when I passed this memorial I thought to myself: Hard Pass. Nope. Not worth it.

So I’ve decided to keep my head down and snout to the ground until I get to Austin, TX.

New Orleans, LA!

I had a blast reuniting with my old friend James who was in our band back in the 90s: I was the lead singer; he was the shirtless sax player. Such great times.

Chances are you probably saw our music videos and/or heard our cover songs – from the Backstreet Pups to the Spice Dogs. We were an overnight sensation! The sky was the limit. The crowds were massive!

Sadly, we quickly discovered how fame is fleeting. The VH1 “Behind the Music” documentary about us showed how fans went from packing our concerts and throwing Milk Bones at our venues … before we were suddenly upstaged by a stupid poodle who went viral for singing Frank Sinatra tunes. It felt like we became passé just as quickly as we arrived. But that’s showbiz.

Lessons learned, my dudes.

Tonight, James and I belted out “My Way” in the French Quarter as a tribute to our brief moment in the spotlight!

But … here’s the thing. As much as I loved our reunion and the nostalgia, the fact is we live in a pandemic world and things are weird. So was James was being careful? Sanitizing his hands?

I had to give a few sniffs during our jam session to make sure he was OK.

Needless to say, I killed the vibe.

Good news! Everything is fine. James is healthy, Covid-free, and will headline a local venue tonight.

Meantime, I’m still waiting for my Star on the Bourbon Street Walk of Fame. I don’t understand the holdup and may file a petition to make it happen. Who’s with me?

Biloxi, MS!

You probably don’t think of “beaches” when you think of Mississippi, but this coastal State has some nice ones.

That’s why I’m glad I stopped here, because one of my goals on this epic road trip is to achieve a paw-dipping trifecta: Hit the serene waters in the Atlantic, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific Ocean.

I’m thrilled that today — just outside of Biloxi, I reached 2/3. Gulf Coast, baby!

Last week, I was was partying in the Outer Banks!. Today, I’m hitting the casinos in Biloxi and enjoying #beachlife in the Gulf! I can’t wait to get to Sunny California to experience the Pacific, which should be in about three weeks!

Obviously these are not Hawaii-style beaches, but would you complain?

As a vegan, options are very limited. But on the bright side, you can’t go wrong with shrimp and/or tacos + beer.

One quick night of rest and relaxation here before reuniting with my band in Louisiana tomorrow. Buckle up, folks: It’s gonna be a wild night!

Mobile, AL!

There’s lots of history in Alabama – some good, some bad, some surprising. Mobile is home to the oldest, annual carnival in America!

True Story: In 1703, my good friend Ian started the very first “Mardi Gras” carnival when Mobile was the capital of Louisiana. In fact, he still wears his famous blue outfit that’s become a symbol of the festivities – including here, in front of the museum!

Even though I’m Irish, I can’t help but admire the French influence and architecture here.

Anyway. Gotta run now. Talk soon my dudes