Vancouver, BC: Mission Completed!

Home. Sweet. Home. I’m thrilled to be back in Canada after my epic road trip.

Lots to unpack: Literally and figuratively!

First, some raw numbers: This was an incredible journey!

  • We drove 5,698 miles (9,170 kilometres)!
  • Visited 20 cities + the Grand Canyon (21 properties)!
  • Travelled 15 States in 4 weeks!
  • 21 fuel stops:
  • Lowest gas price: Baytown, Texas – $2.76/gallon.
  • Highest gas price: Eureka, California – $4.99/gallon.
  • People and dogs met: hundreds and hundreds!
  • Memories: Countless!

My next adventure is to discover my new neighborhood in Vancouver. This place feels a bit granola, but since I’m vegan I can handle it. And who can’t admire this view from Stanley Park?

Anyway, this is probably my last post. I hope you enjoyed reading my updates as much as I enjoyed sharing my travels with you!

Let’s stay in touch, ok? I’d love to get your feedback and/or advice for my next road trip!

In the meantime, I’m going to see what else is out there.

Signing off, for now. Peace out my dudes!

USA-Canada Border!

Soooo close to the finish line! I can see it!

In fact, here it is: I’m at the “Peace Arch” Border Crossing, separating Washington State and British Columbia.

Unfortunately, the Border Agents pulled my dad over and are questioning him in a separate room. So embarrassing.

And since I’m not allowed to accompany him, I’m responding to some fan mail to pass the time.

Here’s one from my former bro, Pedro, who is sharing some family news!

“Dear Finn,Welcome back to the left coast. The politics here are quite “interesting,” but the mountains and the ocean are the best anywhere. I am looking forward to getting together for some great walks. We can sniff some butts at Spanish Banks, or chase birds at Cleveland dam. I will show you the hotspots with my little adoptive brother, Henry. Don’t let his looks fool you, we call him “The Stink” for a reason. He’s ok though”

See you soon. Pedro 

And this just in from Henry!

“Dear Finn,

I understand that Pedro already welcomed you back. Don’t worry, I don’t smell THAT bad, especially since I stopped chasing skunks. Looking forward to hanging out. Maybe we can go to the beach at Whistler. I don’t really swim, but I like the walks there. PS. Don’t give Pedro too many snacks. He is sneaky.”

See you soon, Henry “The Stink”

Clean yourself up, Henry, and then come hang with Pedro and I once I’m settled in Vancouver!

Seattle, WA!

Can you believe this is my *last* stop on my Great American Road Trip? Neither can I.

So what better way to celebrate this milestone than cranking up the Nirvana and styling my fur to match Seattle’s famous 90’s Grunge Look at the Pike Place Market!

I’m still adjusting to my new celebrity status thanks to this website and always try to play it cool when I get recognized.

But honestly, man, this Brass Pig wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept preaching about the dangers of eating pork products. I get it. I’m vegan. I know.

I felt bad ignoring him, because the look on his face showed disappointment. Cold move, but I’m okay with it.

Later, a stranger in this white van promised free candy! I thought about it for a few minutes but decided I should really get back on the road. You’re an eclectic town, Seattle.

My next dispatch will be from the Great White North! Wish me luck crossing the border! Also, I deny allegations I’m bringing crates of Milk Bones that aren’t approved by Health Canada …

Newport, OR!

I’m definitely not in California anymore! The sun and sand has been replaced by wind and lighthouses. The Oregon coast feels very New England-y.

I bought a new fall jacket and could use a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s a bit brisk.

This beach feels less New England-y, and more Lord of the Rings. I’m into it, but it’s an adjustment I’ll have to get used to.

But the upside: autumn means fall fashions! I can wear turtlenecks and grow my fur longer. My running shots are more dramatic when its cooler outside!

Inbox: New Fan Mail!

Before leaving Sunny California I checked my email and came across this interesting proposition from a fan named Reilly. How nice! As in, Ted Lasso nice.

I haven’t met Reilly, but his profile pic screams confidence and he clearly takes good care of his fur. I also respect that he warned me of dangers ahead, yet tempted me with food and companionship. Bravo, Reilly. Well done.

It’s such a refreshing change from the mountain of marriage proposals, time-share pitches, and Nigerian princes asking for banking help. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, my dudes: Be careful out there.

Reilly, I hope we hang out at a dog park one day and wag tails together.! You seem cool and I’m flattered that you’re planning a parade when I cross the border!

“Finnegan, Be careful, you’re going north and I have to say, its getting cooler. Also, there are raccoons in Oregon. Lots of ‘em. Oh, wow. When I think of it, BEARS too. If you want to quit and come join me on my little pillow here in Ontario, I’ll make room. We have greenies. Not sure if they are vegan. I am enjoying reading about your journey though. What an adventure. Is Ian an OK traveller or does he make you check out how many people are in every spot you go, and make sure you know where the bathrooms and exits are? Hope he’s not being too demanding. Its worth it though right? I know when you make that entrance to Canada there will be cheers and maybe a parade.”

Safe travels, Reilly
‘Sup, Reilly!

I enjoy hearing from my fans! Email me along with your profile pic! I usually swipe right, so you never know!

Mendocino, CA!

A few hours north of the People’s Republic of San Francisco, I made a quick stop to Mendocino because I totally forgot this is where I buried my Emmy for my award-winning cameos on the hit TV show “Alf” back in the 80’s!

So, of course I had to check if it was still around:

Back then, I was a stand-in for Alf in several episodes! The studio audience couldn’t tell the difference, and the producers loved me!

Sniff, we were so young back then!

Sadly, I think my Emmy is lost at sea – I can’t find it anywhere.

If you see a shiny Emmy floating around, let me know. It would be nice to get it back.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA!

My dudes, I’ve been so inspired by the glitzy showbiz vibe all across this State, I’m seriously considering becoming a social media influencer! Here’s my debut look that will hopefully bring in Kardashian-level fame and fortune!

But first, I’m wondering if I need to make an important life decision: Let me know what you think:

Truth be told, I could go either way. It can be a bit annoying after I go for a swim.

Maybe I run for Mayor of this scenic town and build name recognition instead. After all, it worked for Clint Eastwood. Lots to think about. I’ll sleep on it.

Santa Fe, NM!

Just rolled into New Mexico and I’m not sure if it’s the fresh air, the Pueblo style architecture, or the general vibe here — but this State made me realize how lucky I am to be so healthy, have shiny cool fur … and not a Blue Donkey.

Seriously, I kept telling this stupid donkey those birds are not his friends – they’re freeloaders! It’s so obvious:

Seeing the injustice I addressed the State Legislature and tabled a petition:

I soon discovered that wasn’t the only injustice — after nearly 2 weeks of sun, sand, and surf — I’m now adjusting to snow! Outdoor hikes are chilly here and there’s no swim up bar to be found.

Truth be told, it’s a bit too traumatic. So I’m packing it in early and planning ahead for some California Dreamin’ in the coming weeks. #SelfCare

Peace out, my dudes

Oklahoma City, OK!

Ohhhhhhh what a beauuuuuutiful moooooorning! Seriously, it is.

I love visiting the State where my favorite Musical is based. It has a great, folksy vibe!

I was so inspired by the lyrics – “Oooooooklahoma … where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain” – I couldn’t help but give it it a go … and ran like the wind!

I’m so proud of the above photograph, I put it in the city’s time capsule.

Can’t wait to return here a few decades from now.

Galveston, TX!

Everything is truly bigger in Texas – including its magnificent sunrises!

This morning, I did some yoga (fun fact: I invented the Downward Dog) … and … wow. Check out this stunning view on Galveston Island. If only dogs weren’t color blind.

Galveston is a nice spot but the water is choppy, and it’s really windy this time of year.

It’s too bad, because I brought my surfboard and wanted to ride some waves! But there were actual Red Flags everywhere.

True confession: I briefly thought of ignoring the warnings and hitting the water anyway, but when I passed this memorial I thought to myself: Hard Pass. Nope. Not worth it.

So I’ve decided to keep my head down and snout to the ground until I get to Austin, TX.